Sudan: “History of a Broken Land”                 

Dialogue & Music edit + pre-mix                                         Al-Jazeera


Great Crimes of the 20th Century                                   

8 X 30’ Drama/Doc series                                           Uden Assoc/C5

Famous murder cases revisited. As well as being Dubbing Mixer,

I also wrote the series music.


Adrenaline on Ice                                                     

1 X 60’ Doc                                                              Purple Films/C5

“Fly on wall” doc about the Cresta run.


Caribbean Holiday                                                     

8 X 30’ Doc series                                                                     BBC

Experiences of staff and guests in a hotel on Barbados.


The Walton Sextuplets                                                     

1 X 60’ Doc                                                                    Mentorn/C4

Revisiting the six siblings as they grow up.


Arrest & Trial                                                                       

120 X 30’ Drama/Doc series                                       Uden Assoc/C4

USA crime series reversions.


Secrets of the CIA                                                     

8 X 60’ Drama/Doc series                                                  Discovery

Undercover CIA activities.

Other Documentaries include:

Women Talk, Princess Diana – In Search of Happiness, Back to the Iron Age, The Bill (various episodes), The Race (round the world yacht race), Garrison Town, Conduct Unbecoming, James Burke’s Connections, K9 Bootcamp, What Women Want, Secrets of WW2, Hitler's Henchmen.