The Detectives                                               

3 series 10 X 30’                                                   Celador Prods/BBC

Jasper Carrott & Robert Powell comedy series


Big Train                                               

6 x 30’ series 1                                                             Talkback/BBC

Comedy sketch series written by

Father Ted’s Graham Linehan & Arthur Mathews


Mark Lamarr Live                                    

1 X 60’ stand up                                                   Open Mike/C5/DVD


“A Class Act” – Tracy Ullman                       

1 X 60’ sketch show                                                       Witzend/BBC


Victoria Wood Live in your Own Home           

1 X 50’ Solo stage show                                           Geoff Posner/BBC


Jo Brand – Through the Cakehole           

14 X 40’ stand up/sketch series                                      Channel X/C4


Canned Carrott                                               

12 X 30’ stand up/sketch series                               Celador Prods/BBC                                                

The Prince's Trust Concert  @ The London Palladium.                

Recorded and Remixed live variety show,

including Art Garfunkel and Belinda Carlisle                                   BBC

Other Comedy & L.E. shows include:


The Harry Enfield Show, Hypnotic World of Paul Mackenna, Talking Telephone Numbers, Pets Win Prizes, Mr. Bean Pilot, Benny Hill, Shooting Stars Pilot, Auntie's Bloomers - Terry Wogan's BBC Bloopers series.