This was RTE's flagship drama about a private doctors' clinic in Dublin.

I was brought in as Sound Supervisor by Locky Butler, the then owner of Slate Post in Dublin, and did two seasons on the show. This involved track-laying, editing and pre-mixing foley, spot fx, dialogues, music, backgrounds, and recording, fitting and pre-mixing ADR, and then final mixing. Each episode also had foreign language requirement separates on DA88 which I also mixed and laid back.

I was in Dublin for 2 years, six months on each series, and had a wonderful time working there.


Each series had 10 x one-hour episodes. I did 20 in all - each director did 2 episodes.


"The Clinic" won an I.F.T.A. (the Irish Film and Television Award - their equivalent of a B.A.F.T.A.).

Other Dramas I've worked on include: THE BILL (various episodes), HARRY, and a great many Drama/Docs (see Drama/Documentary).