The story behind this track is that an independent production company working for Ford had been given permission to use Van Halen's Jump. They went ahead and edited the entire launch film to Van's track. This took several long editing days in "on-line" - serious money! They were then told by Van Halen's publisher that they had only just realised that the one track that Van Halen insisted he had to agree to any usage personally was "Jump" . . . and no one could find Van Halen to get his permission!


Every picture edit was beautifully timed to hit beats in the music - another track simply would not work without considerable re-editing!

As the launch was two days away, this caused a massive problem.


I mentioned that if they could get clearance for a cover version where all the notes were slightly different, but the beats were identical (along with similar production value), and if I could get the right musicians, I could produce a "sound-alike" track for them to use in-house, no broadcasting. As this was for internal conference use only, they agreed. Also, I stipulated that it would have to be an instrumental.


Dave Arch did the arrangement and played keyboards, Brett Morgan was on kit and Nigel Jenkins played all the guitars. When we put it up against the film, it hit every edit! To say they were pleased is an understatement!


This is the result . . .

MP3 audio file [5.0 MB]