I have written and produced title and incidental music for shows like:

"Stand Up America", "Great Crimes and Trials of the 20th Century", "Arrest and Trial", and "Spellbound". . .


. . . and for commercials like "The People", "Unichem" and "Zovirax".


Ford Motor Company used music I wrote and produced on many of their corporate videos and launch films including Ford Modeo and Orion.


The tune for this was originally written as a rock track for a Ford Sports car. Ford wanted continuity so asked us to record an orchestral version for the launch of their new family saloon.

Martin Koch (Les Miserables/Billy Elliot/Mama Mia) did a full orchestral arrangement of the tune.

I recorded and mixed this live to DAT as the budget did not allow for both the size of orchestra we wanted and mix time.

The main note that was given to us was to "make the ending big". Martin queried exactly how "big" they wanted the end to be and was given carte blanche. On hearing it on the first run-through of the recording, Tony Bastable whispered in my ear that they would have to re-shoot the end of the film to match the "size" of the music, which they duly did!

This is a 55 piece orchestra digitally recorded at Whitfield Street Studios straight to stereo dat - mixed live - no multitrack, or remix.
MP3 audio file [5.6 MB]